St. Augustine Consulting

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St. Augustine's Yeast Guru Matt spent his time in graduate school working with yeast. Since that time he has worked in professional labs and the brewing industry. Throughout his time he has collected a diverse range of yeast species including Brettanomyces species, wild yeast, and odd Saccharomyces strains. You now have the chance to brew with strains that have never been used to produce beer before!

Ever wanted to brew with a yeast strain that no one else has? Looking for something to set your next batch apart from the competition?

St. Augustine can help!

We have several strains of wild yeast, brettanomyces, and even some cryo tolerant yeast strains that are not offered by any other yeast business. If you are interested send us an email for more information!

Strain              Source                        Characteristics  
IRA-001                Belgium                              Very high alcohol tolerance, good flocculation, subtle fruit aroma
IRA-002                American Wild Yeast         Poor attenuation, best as a secondary yeast
IRA-003                American Wild Yeast         High attenuation
IRA-004                American Wild Yeast          Low esters, Low Phenols
IRA-005                American Wild Yeast          Barnyard Aroma, Normal level of attenuation and flocculation.              
IRA-006                American Wild Yeast          High acid producer
IRA-007                Belgium                               Saison yeast, fruit and barnyard aromas, isolated from a                                                                                            small Belgian Brewery