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Strain Isolation

Have a mixed yeast culture and want to isolate out a single strain? Have a barrel you just aged a sour in and now you want to replicate it? We can help! Send us a bottle, a sample, or a plate and we will isolate each individual strain for you and send it back as a clean culture.

Rates start at $200 per culture


Many craft breweries don't need or don't have space for a full time microbiologist. We will send our expert in microbiology to your brewery to help out with whatever you need. He can help teach your personnel where they should be testing for contamination, how to count cells, calculate pitch rates, wash yeast, keep yeast in storage between brews, or anything else you need.

Rates start at $50 an hour


Concerned your beer may be contaminated? Want someone to double check your lab results? Beer have an odd flavor? Want to start your own quality control measures? 

Rates start at $25 per sample